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367: The Kooky and Offbeat Tattoos of Victor Zabuga

teardrop tattoo

To say Viktor Zabuga’s works are minimalist or simplistic is a total understatement. Chockful of short millennial musings, contemporary symbols, and clean linework, Zabuga’s works are the silent voice of the European youth subculture. The only thing remotely simple about the tattoos he does is the essence of each piece. These are the modern sentiments of a young artist in the 21st century.

Like many contemporary tattooers, Zabuga went through a few different styles and phases in his work. One of his memorable eras were the pink series where he took on a slightly different typeface and his work leaned more to prison-style tattoos. Unbeknownst to many of his newer fans and followers, the artist used to take on larger pieces more often before his more diminutive pieces gained traction—now with almost 150k followers on Instagram and counting.

marijuana, enjoy every day, tattoo

dinosaur tattoo, minimalist

gun and flowers, tattoo

alien tattoo, minimalist

take care, type tattoo on hand

cats tattoo, minimalism

google search tattoo

umbrella, rain, tattoo on arm

love tattoo, sketch

snake tattoo

Images © Viktor Zabuga