Nothing to See: Photography by Tim Tadder

nothing to see, photographic series by tim tadder, woman with red powder on head

Nothing to See” is one of Tim Tadder’s latest photographic series where he works with model Jeane Turner to embrace her alopecia and raise awareness for others; his imagery is also a reflection of his frustration and anxiety of the current sociopolitical landscape in the United States. Strongly using red, white, and blue pigments to represent “truths,” Tadder wants to awaken people from Trump’s brutal storm.”

In another series titled “United States of Purple” with a similar visual style he goes even further with body paint—some in color and others in black and white—explaining “they represent the division and the binary nature of our society.” To complete this work, Tadder collaborated with various models with alopecia such as Turner (again) Kailiasa, and Courtney V; digital artists Mike Campau and Alexey Damitsky, and body painter Lana Chromium.

nothing to see, red and white photography

united states of purple, series by tim tadder

choke, photography

black and white humans

red, purple and blue, portraits

Images © Tim Tadder