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Brushstrokes and Splatters: Natalie Nox’s Tattoos

abstract tattoo, roses and paint, blackwork

Currently traveling the world to tattoo conventions, such as the upcoming London one, Greek artist Natalie Nox is making a name for herself with her grim abstract blackwork that is characterized by mimicking painting brushstrokes and splatters. Her compositions vary from soft to hardcore fill, from a simple zen circle to darker skulls and roses. An interesting art piece is a PlayStation design on her customer’s legs (photo #7) done at the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival. In addition to a collaborative tattoo created with her boyfriend and renowned tattooer Benjamin Laukis (photo #6).

brushes and splashes, tattoo, blackwork

painterly tattoo on chest,

abstract zen circl on chest

black roses on arm, painting style

natalie nox and benjamin laukis collaborative tattoo on legs, angel tattoo

playstation icon button stylized tattoo, blackwork

Images © Natalie Nox