A Diverse Selection of Palm Tattoos by Mark Walker

butterfly, overlay palm, hand tattooo

Tattooist Mark Walker is originally from Liverpool and now residing and working in San Diego, California, since February 2018, at The Grand Reaper along side other talents like Primm, Glendalebully, Justin Hartman, Lukas Adams, Steve Wimmer and Michael J Kelly. Specializing in palm tattoos—from roses to mandalas—you name it and it is likely that he has inked it on one of his client’s hands. While many creatives refuse to tattoo on hands as it is a challenging area and requires touch ups in the future, Walker is confident with his work and has clearly dedicated much time to perfecting his skill on this body part.

palm tree hand tattoo

lotus hand tattoo

mountain screen on hand

three eyed tiger on hand, palm tattoos

cry baby tattoo heart on hand

spider web tattoo on hand

light bulb tattoo on palm

Images © Mark Walker