The Nude Tattoo Studies of L’oiseau

woman tattoo on back, sketch style, illustrative
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Last February L’oiseau attracted massive crowds at the Mondial du Tatouage in Paris. It isn’t a surprise that this native French man has impressed hundreds with his sharp drawing and painting skills that have been transitioned very well onto skin. Although L’oiseau regularly illustrates flowers and wildlife, what stands out is his figure-drawing-style tattoos—some are human anatomy studies and others erotic love-making scenes. His tattoos look like “life drawings,” mimicking pen on paper in a superb way—dynamic movement and expression in each line and cross-hatch shading.

nude study tattoo on thigh, illustrative undressing, female body tattoo
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nude figure study tattoo kissing couple, romantic tattoo female portrait sketch, blackwork tattoo animal head woman nude study sketch
 Images © L'oiseau

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