Master of Brutality: The Transformative Tattoos of Valerio Cancellier

black sketchy stripes on body, brutal tattoo

Valerio Cancellier’s journey as a tattooer started 20 years ago. His first tools were these; today using tattooing machines for his evolved large-scale, savage body-art style. He is not one to be reassuring clients through the intense tattoo process (that is like a ritual), one that contains much pain and blood and sometimes the person enduring the ink gets sick. It is done to give that person a completely new experience, to push them to their limit, to transform themselves. A few of the volunteered candidates were Milan model Loscoboy and tattooist Michela Bottin who took part in the “Brutal Black Project,” founded in 2015 by Cancellier and Cammy Stewart. See more about this disturbing yet fascinating project in this video produced by Vice.

close up of tattooed face , brutal black project

michela bottin tattooist, tattooed blackout

black inked face

brutal black project, tattooed chest

blacked out arm

black inked face, brutal

loscoboy milan model, heavily tattooed

tattooed feet, blacking

black ink body, brutal, disturbing, artistic

Images © Valerio Cancellier