The Beautiful Blue Tattoos of Lea Le Faucoon

blue flower tattoo on ribs
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Léa Le Faucon studied arts and communication design at École Estienne and was an art director in advertising for some years. Now focused as an illustrator and tattooer working along side five other artists at La Menuiserie, a private studio in Paris; what really stands out is her all-vibrant-blue tattoos that look like 18th-century hand-painted “azulejo” tiles. Inspired clearly by nature, she says she also gets inspiration “from various worlds, ranging from pop culture to legends of history, through ‘the Douanier’ Rousseau and Inuit Art.” Check out more of her body art creations on Instagram.

birds on shoulder, blue ink tattoo flower head lady, blue ink tattoo shimp, blue ink tattoo
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flowers on two bodies, all in one, tattoos flower tattoos on arm illustrative tattoo house with legs flower on ribs drawing in blue blue and white tiles
Images © Léa Le Faucon
Adriana de Barros

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