Sinister Medieval Tattoo Art by Christopher Jade

knight, blackwork tattoo on chest
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Feast your eyes on the sinister medieval-themed tattoos of Christopher Jade. Lovers of Dark Souls will be intrigued, as will anyone with a penchant for only the darkest of blackwork subjects; demonic knights, necromancers, rotting phantoms, and mutant beasts stalk through his portfolio like the cursed escapees from an ancient, hellish dimension. His intricate linework and various shades of black ink together create an atmosphere that is gloomy, violent, and haunted. Visit his Instagram for more of his incredible work.

Christopher Jade tattoo - dark knight screaming, horror tattoo Christopher Jade tattoo - corpses
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Christopher Jade tattoo - back knight Christopher Jade tattoo - lord of the rings hand Christopher Jade tattoo - medieval mutant Christopher Jade tattoo - knight Christopher Jade tattoo - mutant beast Christopher Jade tattoo - creature
Images © Christopher Jade

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