Polysmans Illustration by Anton Mikhalenkov

Roundup of Tattoos and Computer Graphics from the A’ Design Awards

Proxima B Artwork by Jerico Santander

Recent technological advancements in artistic tools means the computer and tablets are transformed into a canvas. In the world of tattooing, the human body is the canvas, to which a person gives over to an artist, as a form of collaboration.

Here we’ve selected a look at past winners in the categories of computer-derived art and others who demonstrated an inventive use of tattooing.

The A’ Design Awards recognise and promote excellence in all fields and corners of art. Organised into 100 main categories, the A’ Design Awards is currently inviting submissions from all around the world until early 2019. The judging panel is made up of leading industry experts and top prize winners receive a range of benefits, which will aid their careers.

You can check out the full list of last year’s winners here.

Extended deadline: February 28, 2019.

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Above: “Proxima B Artwork” is a set of 3D illustrations using Zbrush and Octane software.

Polysmans Illustration by Anton Mikhalenkov

Polysmans Illustration” by Anton Mikhalenkov is inspired by mascots and totems.

“Darkness To Go” was inspired by a person with colour blindness.

Disease - Life is Golden Posters by Giuliano Lo Re & Matteo Gallinelli

Disease – Life is Golden Posters” combined softwares Cinema 4d R14, Vray & Adobe Photoshop CS to communicate the representation of disease.

“The Tiny Odyssey Short Movie” uses photo realism with dramatic textures.

Transmogrified Mimesis Concept Creatures by Maryam AlJomairi

“Transmogrified Mimesis” is a series inspired by amphibian creatures.

Polypictures Illustration by Anton Mikhalenkov

“Polypictures Illustration” are quirky tattoos focused on children’s art.

“Dan Sultan Magnetic” uses stop-motion animation and 3D printing.

Waves Entropy Digital Art by Marta Moretto

“Waves Entropy Digital Art” by Marta Moretto offers a stunning abstract vision inspired by nature and reworked using glass, glitter and other objects.

Polysmans Illustration by Anton Mikhalenkov

Anton Mikhalenkov’s tattoo range features animals and objects related to mascots.

adesign award and competition trophy

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