Tattooist Antonella Bubble is Inspired by the Warmth of Nature

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“I grew up in a really small village on the countryside and the first memory I have is being surrounded by nature,” explains tattooist Antonella Bubble about her recurring floral-and-fauna themes; “the connection with nature is strong for me and gives me a sense of belonging.” Her illustrative, sketch style is a clear indicator that she loves to draw and has done so since she was young, in addition to graduating from the art academy in Bologna in 2008. With tattooing she feels it’s her calling and best form of expression, so she moved to London in 2011 to learn more and develop a personal tattoo style. “I’ve always been attracted to the underground scene of Manchester, as well as the music, so I decided to give it a go at the Manchester Ink company, and there I found my home. I keep working there as regular guest artist.” In July 2018, she moves back to her native Italy in the region of Basilicata to open her studio called “Matera Ink.”

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