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Restless Spirits and Worlds Between: The Art of Jenna Andersen

Jenna Andersen - void

Restlessness and uncertainty characterize the mesmerizing artwork of Jenna Andersen. Faceless figures, engulfed by vegetation native to her home state of Virginia, explore mysterious forests and yards. Ghosts peer statically over these spaces, voyeurs to a strange and untouchable world, watching time pass and reality warp, their feelings and identities hidden behind a sheet. Other symbols of death are scattered throughout: bones, vultures, a starless night sky, and a void opening beneath. The world she has created undulates through her linework, punctuated by blocks of colour connecting the living to the dead, a quiet moment in the discomfort of purgatory. Visit her website and Instagram for more, and to learn more about her inspirations and creative process, check out this interview with WOW x WOW.

Jenna Andersen - a long way off

Jenna Andersen - blind leading the blind

Jenna Andersen - campfire

Jenna Andersen - hideout

Jenna Andersen - infinite man

Jenna Andersen - psychopomp

Jenna Andersen - roots

Jenna Andersen - sunflowers

Jenna Andersen - life be not proud

Images © Jenna Andersen