Colorful, Grotesque Creature Mash-Ups by Tom Strom

Tom Strom - Stag print
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Tom Strom is an artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who paints and tattoos colorful “creature mash-ups.” Among his inspirations are anime and Disney movies—the former for monster design, the latter for colorful backgrounds. He began tattooing over twenty years ago, during which time he experimented with different techniques and developed his style, which is an accumulation of imagery and ideas that have inspired him since childhood. Part of what makes his art so imaginative and unique is that he creates for himself without worrying about the way it will be perceived; “I’m letting you into my worlds,” he says, “so if you want to be here, you just have to enjoy it for what it is and not what you would like it to be.” Visit Strom’s website (which he shares with his wife and collaborator, Jackee Sandelands-Strom) and his Instagram profile.

Tom Strom - Stag tattoo Tom Strom - Spiderbird with Eggs Tom Strom - Spiderbird with Eggs tattoo
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Tom Strom - Deer tattoo Tom Strom - Baboon Bat Tom Strom - Tree Skull Tom Strom - Geisha Tom Strom
Images © Tom Strom

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