Yuriko Shirou - Olvido

Darkness and Innocence in the Illustrations of Yuriko Shirou

Yuriko Shirou - Suplica

Yuriko Shirou is a self-taught illustrator based in Mexico. He has worked in many different art styles—including manga, American comics, and figurative art—and has done projects for publishers around the world. His illustrations resemble morbid fairy tales, conflating innocence with darkness. The moth is a recurring symbol, channeling Mesoamerican beliefs surrounding death omens and the Greek mythology of the underworld. Yuriko also makes taxidermy and steampunk-inspired jewellery, which you can see on his Etsy. Visit his Instagram to follow his work.

Yuriko Shirou - Perspectivas

Yuriko Shirou - sea elf

Yuriko Shirou - Retrato

Yuriko Shirou - Olvido

Yuriko Shirou - Tanatos

Yuriko Shirou - Agonia

Images © Yuriko Shirou

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