Beautifully Bold: The Tattoo Art of Effedots

blackout tattoo on neck and back by Effedots
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Clients traveling from Canada, Malta, Israel and beyond come to Italy to get tattooed by Effedots—spending two to five days getting their skin decorated and patterned. In 2016 the artist’s work was known for its red-and-black pigment combinations but now strictly in primitive black; bold and beautiful with a mix of solid (blackout) designs and sacred geometry dotwork. A lot of his tattoos start off as planned out computer-blueprints which are then stenciled onto the bodies. You can see some of his technique on videos at Youtube and Vimeo.

blackwork tattoo on arm full back tattoo, blackwork, pattern leg tattoo, floral, geometry
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geometric tattoo on shoulder blackwork neck tattoo closeup of neck tattoo head tattoo, blackwork spiral tattoo full sleeve tattoo
Images © Effedots
Adriana de Barros

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