Shadow Sculptures Made of Trash by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Miss Understood and Mister Meanor
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If you have never seen the shadow sculptures of Tim Noble and Sue Webster, it’s time you did. By casting light on grotesque assemblages (or “anti-monuments“) of random trash, scrap metal, and even taxidermied animals, this British collaborative duo creates inkblots of ordinary life; things you might perceive are romantic standoffs, wasted youth, and copulating rats. Inspired by perceptual psychology, Noble and Webster are interested in how people infuse abstract images with meaning; our ability to interpret these images, however, is delightfully complicated by the blatant combination of “high culture” with trash, sex, death, and other messy products of existence. Visit the artists’ website for their impressive portfolio.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Wild Mood Swings
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Tatoo book
Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Dark Stuff Tim Noble and Sue Webster - metal rat Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Dirty White Trash Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Wasted Youth
Images © Tim Noble and Sue Webster
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