Seungyea Park: Monsters are Everywhere

Seungyea Park - Enforced Insight

The art of Seungyea Park (aka, Spunky Zoe) is a meeting with “monstrousness”—that is, the product of our fear as it festers among us. Fear is necessary to social systems because it distinguishes the self from a monstrous Other—the enemy, the freak. “Monsters are everywhere,” Park writes, because we compulsively create them. To help herself understand the true nature of fear, Park uses a combination of acrylic and pen to create grotesque portraits of such “monsters.” Set against white backdrops that emphasize their subjectivity, people with distorting faces confront us, inviting our judgment and expressing their playfulness, indifference, anger, and sorrow. As Park explains, the instant our fear falls away, in a gutting holy moment, we recognize “the ‘I’ outside of me.”

Seungyea Park - a space traveler to the Andromeda

Seungyea Park - a hand bug

Seungyea Park - a pig

Seungyea Park - Facing your fears x KAFT, hands covering eyes

Seungyea Park - Facing your fears x KAFT, need what

Seungyea Park - Facing your fears x KAFT, hand face

Seungyea Park - don't bark, don't bite, but I will resurrect

Seungyea Park - a hand caught in the time of the space

Images © Seungyea Park

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