The Amazing Bodysuit: Tattooing by Black Symmetry

eric tattooed with bodysuit, dotwork by lewisink, photo by scene360
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Tattoo artist Black Symmetry (aka Lewisink) is known for being in his Paris studio all year round and rarely does event appearances, so we were lucky he was coming to the London Tattoo Convention to finish a bodysuit on his client e.r_i_c from Switzerland. Prior to the event, Black Symmetry worked 200 hours (divided in 30 sessions) during a year-and-a-half to get the bodysuit nearly complete. Now finalizing the feet dot by dot in black ink, a technique that he says will last the test of time; thousands of spectators gather around his booth throughout the three-day event to watch him in action. His art piece was solely envisioned from his own imagination, as he explains: “I ask my customer for 100% creative freedom. I only do my own designs, but I don’t impose them on anyone. Every tattoo I do starts with a conversation, I only ask for my clients to be open and to trust me.”

chest and arm tattooed, bodysuit, by lewisink e.r_i_c client tattooed by lewsink
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chest, blackwork tattoo, london tattoo convention leg tattoo, blackwork by lewisink, london tattoo convention foot being tattooed. dotwork by lewisink full bodysuit, dotwork by lewisink
Tattoo art © Black Symmetry
Photos and Film © Scene360

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