Visceral Enigmas in the Art Work of Allison Sommers

Allison Sommers - marcello

“Pink viscera, heroic dogs, war detritus, barnacled crabs, and embedded nothings” are among the many curious images, both literal and metaphoric, that the Brooklyn-based art worker Allison Sommers uses to describe her creations. Across her portfolio, animals and human appendages unfurl and splatter into gleeful-grotesque jumbles of rot and metamorphosis, defying the confines of prescribed identity yet still fully embodied by their entrails; sentience spreads like a web across each expressionistic flesh-mound, filling them with a range of emotion, from soft serenity to piercing agony. Fascinating yet frightening, Sommers invites us to peer through the guts and gristle to divine meaning from these bodily visions for ourselves. Visit Sommers’ website, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Allison Sommers - bhoy patuxent

Allison Sommers - lmoor lmoor

Allison Sommers - the privilege of imagining otherwise

Allison Sommers - nothing would please me more

Allison Sommers - plus ca change

Allison Sommers - rotty dog: a study

Allison Sommers - the clays of a cold star

Allison Sommers - altarpiece iv

Allison Sommers - altarpiece iv (detail)

Allison Sommers - altarpiece ii

Images © Allison Sommers