Powerful Portraits of People from Unique Cultures by Adam Koziol

Adam Koziol - Mentawai tribe, cover

Adam Koziol is a photographer, photojournalist, and filmmaker from Poznan, Poland. In 2013, he began a project to travel and document indigenous cultures and ethnic groups with small populations. Thus far, he has visited 18 groups from Asia and Africa. Included below are members from the Mentawai (Indonesia), Atayal (Taiwan), Apatani (India), Iban (Borneo), and Chin (Burma) cultures. He is drawn to physical characteristics that arise from the social and environmental influences unique to a group, such as particular tattoos, scarifications, and ornaments—in short, their visible methods of inscribing their identities. As an extraordinary documentation of tradition and diversity, Koziol’s portfolio respectfully contains glimpses into seemingly familiar and preciously discrete cultural worlds.

Adam Koziol - Mentawai tribe, crouching

Adam Koziol - Atayal tribe, woman

Adam Koziol - Atayal tribe, close-up

Adam Koziol - Apatani tribe, three people

Adam Koziol - Apatani tribe, portrait

Adam Koziol - Iban tribe, smile

Adam Koziol - Chin tribe red earrings

Adam Koziol - Chin tribe, portrait

Adam Koziol - Chin tribe, close-up

Adam Koziol - Chin tribe, earrings

Adam Koziol - Chin tribe, two people

Images © Adam Koziol

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