Geometric Tattoos: An Update from Stanislaw Wilczynski

line geometric shape tattoo on neck
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Former IT tech now tattooist for the last five years, Stanislaw Wilczynski (aka digimatism) is all about producing clean-looking geometric compositions that are inspired by “abstract expressionism, minimalism, suprematism, constructive architecture and techno music.” Often geometric forms and lines are the hardest to tattoo, as they require great technical skill to get the ink straight across skin. Squares, rectangles, and other abstract form are harmoniously inked on his clients’ bodies.

Wilczynski is constantly looking for challenges and ways to improve his knowledge and creativeness, in 2016 he enrolled in the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow; “I have this firm resolve to devote myself to contemporary art. Tattoo industry gave me great experiences; I get to know myself better; I found a new way of realizing my potential,” he comments and adds: “But I see life as a constant process of growth. I want to develop my mind and spirit further and I’m currently searching for new perspectives for my art.”

rectangle blackwork on arm abstract tattoo in black ink on leg
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abstract tattoo on arm geometric blackwork tattoo on leg abstract shapes on arm stripes, rectangle blackwork tattoos geometric tattoo on leg
Images © Stanislaw Wilczynski
Adriana de Barros

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