Macabre, Supernatural Digital Paintings by David Seidman

David Seidman - 6th Circle

David Seidman is a Philadelphia-based artist creating gloomy, gothic, surrealist paintings. His imagination and dedication has gained him diverse and notable clients, such as Orbit Books and Wizards of the Coast (book covers), Zenescope Entertainment (comics), and Coheed and Cambria (backdrops for live shows). He’s a regular at Arch Enemy Arts, a gallery specializing in pop-surrealism, lowbrow, and the macabre, where he has been featured in both solo shows and group exhibitions. Those inclined to symbolism will see there’s an infinity of story and meaning behind Seidman’s work, such as Catholic iconography, the Book of Revelations, and historical anecdotes like the Radium Girls. Visit Seidman’s website and Instagram for a wider collection of his immersive, supernatural worlds.

David Seidman - Fox Sisters

David Seidman - Cuckoo's Nest

David Seidman - Resurrection

David Seidman - Haunted

David Seidman - Sariel

David Seidman - Suicide King of Cups

David Seidman - Seraphine

David Seidman - Sweet Death

David Seidman - Watchers of Eden

David Seidman - Whore of Babylon

David Seidman - Witnesses

Images © David Seidman

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