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The Surreal Imagination of Angela He

Angela He - ethereal portrait cover

Angela He is a nineteen-year-old artist currently at Stanford who is creating beautiful digital paintings and video games. Her style is imaginative and diverse, ranging from floral, sun-dappled portraits to personified moments of twisted, tender darkness. The mystical characters she creates are shimmering and translucent, emitting light and shadow from within. Her video games encompass the same impressive range and complexity of emotion; “You Left Me” is a visually immersive game about loneliness and loss, inspired by “real life and dissociative amnesia,” and it all starts out with a dreamworld encounter with a cyclopic cat. Visit her Instagram and DeviantArt to keep up with her work.


Angela He - two women

Angela He - deer

Angela He - goth kids

Angela He - monster

Angela He - kiss

Angela He - surreal portrait

strangle, digital art

Angela He - eyes

Images © Angela He

Via Between Mirrors