Exploring Concealed Beauty: Mariamne Photography

Mariamne Meraki - Swallow
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The imagery of Spain-based Mariamne Photography is tender, ethereal, and melancholic. Much of her work is self-portraiture, which she describes as “an introspective journey through my own self, trying to express the fragility and complexity of human souls.” By incorporating subjects such as Kintsugi (the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery) and the “red thread of fate” (an invisible thread that links predestined people together), Mariamne cleverly and symbolically shows how our narratives of experience and survival are written onto our bodies. Rather than hiding these narratives, however, Mariamne offers them light and representation, showing how aspects of ourselves we conceal out of fear of judgment are actually emblems of beauty. Visit Mariamne’s Instagram for more haunting visual stories.

Mariamne Meraki - Kintsugi Mariamne Meraki - Nest
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Mariamne Meraki - Not Allowed to Feel Mariamne Meraki - Soulmates Mariamne Meraki - Dormant Mariamne Meraki - Asphyxia
Images © Mariamne Meraki (Mariamne Photography)
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