Tattooing is Meditative: Interview with Mo Ganji

mo ganji tattoo artists, linework, photo by Kerem Bakir
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We met up with world-renowned tattooist, Mo Ganji, in his private studio in Berlin. At the door we’re greeted by his loving dog Cleo (short for Cleopatra), who was sleeping during most of the interview. Before starting, we were excited to understand why the artist does not tattoo at conventions, and what it was like to meet and ink famous Brad Pitt. But as we talked further, it was clear that Pitt was a client like any other and Ganji’s humble nature was directing us on a different path. Our questions were altered right there in real time to fit this gentle soul—someone who was more interested in his connection with all of his clients as well as explaining his creative process.

His studio was minimalist and tidy, every pen and machine aligned perfectly, which indicated maybe a bit of OCD/will to control things; once the interview was underway he surprisingly said he had an “untidy mind” and told us tattooing was meditative for him. Our interaction with Ganji was very strong and personal, it was one of the best experiences that we had with an artist in studio.

single line art, tattoo on chest, faces leg tattoo, linework, mountains, berlin
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kiss tattoo, linework, black ink mo ganji in tattoo studio in berlin, photo by scene360
Photo 1 and 3 by Kerem Bakir
Tattoo Photos © Mo Ganji
Mo Ganji in Berlin Studio and Film © Scene360

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