Wildlife, Flora, and Portraits: Paper Art by Kanako Abe

constellation bear, paper art
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Artist Kanako Abe creates cut paper art that’s so fine that it’s hard to tell you’re looking at thinly-sliced lines. The exquisite details have a lyricism to them; they look as though they’ve been drawn with a pen. Even the subject matter has a mystical quality, and Abe’s Instagram captions accompany them like little bits of self-help. “Sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone,” one reads, “jump into the wilderness of intuition and follow our heart… what you discover there will be truly amazing.”

portrait, birds and face, paper art Papercut art by Kanako Abe Papercut art by Kanako Abe
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double exposure portrait paper art portrait child paper art Papercut art by Kanako Abe Papercut art by Kanako Abe heart, portrait, intricate paper art Papercut art by Kanako Abe
Images © Kanako Abe

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