Stylish Hallucinations in Dane Nicklas’ Colorful Tattoos

Cracked mannequin tattoo

Dane Nicklas is a tattoo artist currently working out of Valentine’s Tattoo in Seattle, a feminist-powered and inclusive space known for its collective of wonderfully offbeat and experimental artists (we featured the work of Valentine’s founder, Shannon Perry, last year). Dane’s work fits this niche perfectly, mixing classical art symbols with pastel colors and psychedelic illusions, such as warped geometry, oversized weeping eyes, and melting heads. Sadness and absurdity beneath the ordinary seem to be recurring motifs in Dane’s stylishly strange world. Visit the artist on Instagram to view more.

Dane Nicklas (tenderbrusselssprout) - hands

Dane Nicklas (tenderbrusselssprout) - multiple legs

Dane Nicklas (tenderbrusselssprout) - eyeballDane Nicklas (tenderbrusselssprout) - head

assortment of small tattoos

pink haired girl, scissors, tattoo

psychedelic stairs, tattoo

flower feet tattoo

silhouette art, tattoo , mickey mouse

Images © Dane Nicklas