Minimalist Creature Portraits by Delphine Cencig

Delphine Celcig - Faune close-up

Delphine Cencig is a French photographer who discovered her passion for photography after working in various fields, such as cosmetics and visual communication. This diverse background shapes her current work, which is best described as vivid and eclectic; through a combination of photography, fashion, makeup, and digital manipulation, she turns models into dolls, beasts, and goddesses. As Philippe Litzler observed in OPENEYE magazine, there is a certain ambiguity surrounding Delphine and her work; “she is nothing but a fairy with a magic wand, sometimes good, sometimes malicious maybe.” In her world of dreams, neutrality and immortal beauty reign supreme. See more on her website and Instagram.

Delphine Celcig - Faune

Delphine Celcig - Doll - Porcelain

Delphine Celcig - Doll - The Doll

Delphine Celcig - Fallen Angels - Apart

Delphine Celcig - Fallen Angels - Equilibrium

Delphine Celcig - Fallen Angels - Light Touch

Delphine Celcig - Blackbird

Delphine Celcig - Hunter

Delphine Celcig - Prelude

Delphine Celcig - Poulpe Fiction

Images © Delphine Cencig

Additional Credits:
"Apart 2.0," "Light Touch," and "Equilibrium" created for Free Spirit (Fallen Angels).

Via beautiful.bizarre