Creepy-Crawly Hybrids in the Dark Tattoos of Jeanchoir

Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - skeleton beast - cover
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Jeanchoir is a Marseille-based tattoo artist and the founder of Sombre Tache (in English: Dark Spot) tattoo studio. As the name suggests, this is indeed the place for dark and unusual ink; occultism meets Giger-esque aliens in Jeanchoir’s unholy tattoos, birthing the kinds of creatures you’d only expect to find in the forests of distant hellscapes. Recently, he has been tattooing a series of nightmarish centipede hybrids: wolves, human skeletons, and Japanese Noh masks erupt into a flurry of legs. The multiplicity creates a sense unease, as the propagating limbs, faces, and eyes trouble our notions of nature and the singular body. Be sure to follow Jeanchoir on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his darkly imaginative work.

Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - multiple masks centipede Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - centipede wolf illustration Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - wolf Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - skull-headed centipede
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Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - erupting face sketc Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - erupting face Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - erupting wolf Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - centipede masks illustration Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - centipede masks Jeanchoir - Sombre Tache - tentacle woman
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