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Suburban Occult: Joseph Haxan’s Twisted, Euphoric Photography

Joseph Haxan - Crackling Fat

Welcome to the dark world of Joseph Haxan, a bizarre place where suburbia meets the occult in scenes of bacchanal-style rapture and pure absurdity (with subtle tones of eros). Hordes of nude male bodies congregate in late-night fields and construction sites, averting their faces to avoid the subjectifying gaze of the camera; the only time faces do appear is when they are drenched in blood, gaping into the void, as one does at birth and death, or staring upwards towards the sky, wondering if God is watching. Red is a recurring motif, seen in the gore and pantyhose, contrasting against the night sky like the lining of a Satanist’s robe. Resembling found footage, Haxan gives us visions from the after dark, evidence of the hungry pack animals we are, no matter the picket fences or manicured lawns that surround us. Visit his Instagram for more bizarre and euphoric splendor.

Joseph Haxan - Slaves

Joseph Haxan - Blood

Joseph Haxan - Blow-Up Girls

Joseph Haxan - City to Void

Joseph Haxan - Honey in the Red Light

Joseph Haxan - Loverboys

Joseph Haxan - Sin Will Find You Out

Joseph Haxan - Skin Girls

Joseph Haxan - Suburbia I

Joseph Haxan - Suburbia II

Joseph Haxan - Twins Descending Like the Mist

Images © Joseph Haxan