Transcending Sickness: Atmospheric Portraits by Nihil

Nihil - Ad Te Veniat

Nihil is a French artist residing in Norway. “Ventre” is the name of his ongoing project, which includes short, cryptic texts and images filled with symptoms of illness and rapture, often with a medieval, religious slant. He describes his work as “portraits of saints and martyrs who lost their humanity to drown in divine serenity”; the result is not a world filled with despair, but rather moments of transcendental bliss where the body exceeds its limits and suffering to attain sanctity. Visit Nihil’s Facebook and Instagram to view more of his atmospheric, unsettling, and moving creations.

Nihil - De Carcere Corporis

Nihil - Le Mal Par Le Mal

Nihil - Le Roi Mendiant

Nihil - Plague

Nihil - Tumoral Dreams

Nihil - The Lamb

Nihil - White Noise

Images © Nihil (Ventre)