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Dystopian Illustrations with an M.C. Escher Twist by Rune Fisker

mysterious people, illustration

Danish illustrator Rune Fisker draws chaotic scenes that feel like a single moment out of a larger story. The figures often occupy these compelling-yet-confusing spaces with the distinct feeling that they’re being watched. Part dystopian novel with an M.C. Esher-like approach to composition, we can’t help but wonder what Fisker is trying to say about the state of society. But, as he reveals to WERTN, he doesn’t completely know. “I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any hidden messages, or am consciously trying express certain views about the world. I like that the work I do for myself comes from my subconscious, that I’m never quite sure what it means. I like it when I can surprise myself with my drawings.”

Surreal illustrations

Woman summoning tigers with her mind

Person sitting on a couch with colorful chaotic shapes behind them

Woman in a void

Person asleep with an eye looking over them

Interior landscape by Rune Fisker

Shrouded man in a home

Images © Rune Fisker.