What Girls Are Made Of: Feminist Photography by Maisie Cousins

Maisie Cousins - what girls are made of - shrimp cocktail - cover
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Maisie Cousins is a London-based photographer who makes art that is “hedonistic and self-satisfying.” The themes she explores are femininity, sexuality, and the deconstruction of bodily standards. With titles like “Overgrown” and “What Girls Are Made Of,” Cousins’ series poke fun at gender tropes, replacing passivity and “sugar and spice and everything nice” with slugs, oozing flowers, split-open fruits, and body hair. Close-up, raw, and filled with glee, her empowering portraits and still-lifes relish in the unashamed mess and glory of self-possessed feminine sensuality.

Maisie Cousins - Lick (orchids, daisies, syrup) Maisie Cousins - what girls are made of Maisie Cousins - orchids, daisies, syrup - kiwi and flower Maisie Cousins - flower
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Maisie Cousins - what girls are made of 3 Maisie Cousins - forget-me-nots Maisie Cousins - flower poke Maisie Cousins - bird of paradise close-up Maisie Cousins - grass, peonie, bum
Images © Maisie Cousins

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