Hand-Stitched Embroideries Floating on “Disappearing” Fabric

bird embroidery
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Embroidery is very tactile medium. There’s little, if any, visual tricky that can come from the fuzziness of thread on fabric. Artist Katerina Marchenko pushes this idea to its limit, however, with her stitching on tulle. Stretched tightly across the embroidery hoop, the fabric seems to disappear as the layered thread and beading is all that’s visible. Fish appear as if they’re swimming in some infinite abyss while birds take flight in a cloudless sky. But the illusion doesn’t stop there. After stitching them in the hoop, Marchenko incorporates her work into garments that similarly float on the body.

embroidery of sea creatures stitched within embroidery hoops Embroidery of a whale in an embroidery hoop bird embroidery
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Butterfly embroidery with beads stitched on tulle Fantastical flying whale embroidery woman wearing a hand-stitched garment Fantastical flying whale embroidery bird embroidery on tulle
Images © Katerina Marchenko.
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July 18, 2017 Animals Art Embroidery