Misguided Youth: An Interview with Artist Anthony Lister

self-portrait, painting, mixed media by anthony lister
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In the documentary “Saving Banksy” (2017), artist Ben Eine states, “Crazy, Australian. He just embraces everything his art is. He is his art.” Indeed it is true about Anthony Lister, a world-renowned street artist and painter who lives and breathes his creative makings. He is eccentric but there is much more to him than short labels like “Crazy,” or even one that the media has invented, “Brisbane’s Banksy.”

Meeting up with Anthony Lister at his first solo show in Portugal, titled “Slither Between the Blinds Shows Our Fears,” displaying from June 16 to July 15 at the Underdogs gallery; it was clear that there was a strong connection to his Australian roots and to his direct family—some of it was good and some of it was not that good—such as being misled by his father (until the age of 14) that he had an Aboriginal uncle and having accepted his indigenous heritage as a fact. The art exhibit is Lister’s examination of the influence of a misguided youth. And as he explains: “These works are atheistic explorations analysing identity, culture, mythology, heritage, parenting and stereotypes.”

Anthony lister at art show underdogs, sitting at piano (art installation)
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back of head, artist anthony lister Red Hot Girls, painting closeup of paintings behind the scenes to interview, lister
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