Art and Science Merge in NastPlas’ Abstract Digital Images

NastPlas - DEIMOS, astronaut and flowers

NastPlas is a Madrid-based creative duo, started in 2006 by illustrator Fran R. Learte (aka, “drFranken”) and creative director Natalia Molinos. Together, they change the way we look at art by bringing 2D forms into experimental digital spaces. For example, their series “QUO” offers a new interpretation of oil paintings by transforming the brushstrokes into 3D; abstract faces suddenly become patchwork landscapes of musculature and expression. A fusion of tradition and science can be seen throughout their work, such as in the darkly poetic “DEIMOS” images, which blend romantic imagery with futuristic bodies. Lastly, they also animated a traffic regulator—a recently-discovered protein that may be crucial in the transportation of molecules inside nerve cells (see the GIF below). As their fascinating portfolio reveals, NastPlas’ subject range is vast and exploratory, marked by a determination to illustrate the new frontiers.

NastPlas - DEIMOS carved body

NastPlas - DEIMOS, wire astronaut full body

NastPlas - DEIMOS, astronaut and flowers color

NastPlas - QUO, horse head side

NastPlas - QUO, face, straight-on

NastPlas - QUO, face

NastPlas - QUO, face detail

NastPlas - KerN back bend

NastPlas - KerN, front

NastPlas - Traffic Regulator

Images © NastPlas

Via Behance