Traditional Chinese Ink Wash Translated into Tattoos by Chen Jie

painting style, asian, flower tattoo on back, blackwork
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Chen Jie creates delicate “paintings” on skin. Here, the tattoo machine acts like a brush dipped in black ink, and Jie translates the subtly of this ancient artistic tradition. Her style, with its splashes of pigment, represents a modern form of ink wash paintings that adopts Western techniques. It’s fitting for the tattooing field, which is consistently innovating, refining, and fusing different styles and approaches.

red flowers, painting style tattoo, sleeve painterly tattoo on wrist, beautiful watercolor style whale tattoo on shoulder
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bird tattoo, asian style, ink wash, chinese leg tattoo, flower, painterly flowers on back, blackwork tattoo circle tattoo, chinese ink wash style, brushstroke asian flowers, back tattoo. watercolor koi fishes, tattoo on shoulder
Images © Chen Jie.
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