Japanese-Inspired Woodblocks Imagined as Tattoos by Brindi

tattoo landscape of cat interior
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Maxime Gautron, better known as Brindi, is an artist based Toulouse, France. Inspired by Japanese art and tattoos, some of his most compelling pieces recall the culture’s traditional woodblock prints. Specifically, they seem to reference the ukiyo-e genre, albeit more surreal and updated for current times. But, the single panels displayed in flat color capture the essence of the art, which translates to “picture[s] of the floating world.”

Brindi recently opened up his own shop of the same name. In addition to tattooing, he creates zines and silkscreen prints that are available in the online shop called Free Hands.

tattoo landscape of dinosaur
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Tatoo book
tattoo landscape of palm trees tattoo landscape of dinosaur man's face merged with eagle tattoo landscape fish imagined as dessert foods
Images © Brindi.

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