3D Art Body Art Illusion Tattoo

Optical Illusion Tattoos Reveal Worlds Beneath Skin by Jesse Rix

3d shapes, tattoo on chest

Specializing in color realism, Jesse Rix uses rich hues and crisp lines to create optical illusions on the skin. In honeycomb and cube shapes, Rix uses them as visual transition points between the skin and fantastical scenes that lie below. Each tattoo has its own grand reveal, in which the wearer seemingly reveals another part of themselves. To pull off these striking tattoos, Rix opened his own private studio in 2013 where he can “work with clients one on one without distractions of a busy tattoo shop.”

landscape tattoo with 3d cubes

3d cubes tattoo

eye and skin, tattoo

wolf tattoo and 3d cubes

hand holding heart tattoo

hexagon shapes, 3d effect tattoo

space, time travel, triangle tattoo

Photos © Jesse Rix