Sensual 3D Line Art by Nester Formentera

Nester Formentera - Bisou francais, cover

Nester Formentera is a Dublin-based artist creating mesmerizing, cross-contour line art, primarily of the female body. Two years ago, after developing an impressive portfolio drawing realistic portraits, Formentera began experimenting with line work to create 3D effects on paper. The process begins with a sketch, which he creates with the help of reference photos, followed by the careful drawing of lines. The result is an optical illusion; bodies seem to protrude from the paper as if emerging from clay, the lines molding the contours of their limbs, muscles, and facial expressions. There is an undulating sense of both eroticism and reverie. Visit Formentera’s Instagram to view more.

Nester Formentera - Contours of Love

Nester Formentera - Semblance

Nester Formentera - Frustration

Nester Formentera - Desire

Nester Formentera - Mood

Nester Formentera - Infatuated

Images © Nester Formentera

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