Vivid Fantasy Imagery with a Dark Twist by Ransom & Mitchell

Ransom & Mitchell - The Calm Before the Undertow 1

Ransom & Mitchell is an artistic duo based out of San Francisco, comprised of Stacey Ransom (designer, digital artist) and Jason Mitchell (director, photographer). Together, they produce vivid, story-filled fantasy images. Their process starts from the ground up, combining set design, costuming, and prop construction with computer graphics. Drawing influence from the “Italian and Dutch Master painters,” Ransom & Mitchell blend classical art aesthetics with forest nymphs and other creatures and characters, twisting reality with their opulent imaginations and dark narratives. The worlds they create are so beautiful and rich that they seem nearly hallucinatory—and what’s craziest of all is remembering that they actually built these scenes. The artists maintain a fascinating blog about their creative process, which you can view here.

Ransom & Mitchell - Reflections

Ransom & Mitchell - Beauty of the Deep

Ransom & Mitchell - Darkest Dawn (Undertow series)

Ransom & Mitchell - It Will Be Ours

Ransom & Mitchell - Reckoning, man's imbalance with nature

Ransom & Mitchell - Ophelia, with artist friend Wednesday Kirwan

Ransom & Mitchell - woman in chair

Ransom & Mitchell - Absinthe, focus on consumption

Images © Ransom & Mitchell

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