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Nightmares and Deep Emotions in Stunning Images by Diana Dihaze

Diana Dihaze - flowers and snakes

Diana Dihaze is a Ukraine-based photographer and digital artist who manipulates her photos to reveal disturbing yet beautiful inner truths. Her images derive from the corners of her subconscious, arriving to her through dreams and nightmares. There is a surreal element of horror as nature and grotesque wounds cover the bodies of her subjects, all of whom appear to embrace their transformation without fear. The white lilies, as traditional funerary flowers, signify death and the purity of the spirit that has moved on. Insects, skulls, and ravens erupt from the bodies of the dream-figures, revealing the death of old ways and the outer edge of a beautiful—but unseeable—future. Packed with symbolism and a haunting atmosphere, Dihaze’s work encourages deep emotions and an examination of the soul.

Diana Dihaze - woman covered with flowers

Diana Dihaze - woman covered with flowers 2

Diana Dihaze - wounded face

Diana Dihaze - empty eye sockets

Diana Dihaze - I Can't See You if Your Eyes Are Closed

Diana Dihaze - No Fear

Diana Dihaze - Not Falling

Diana Dihaze - This Drug

Diana Dihaze - V Postote

Images © Diana Dihaze

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