Pristine Geometric Tattoos by Malvina Maria Wisniewska

geometric black ink half sleeve

The tattoo artist Malvina Maria Wisniewska (Malwina8) is a master of minimalism and geometry. Using black ink, she creates flawless, razor-sharp lines that transform sections of the body into intersecting layers of triangles and diamonds, creating a three-dimensional look. In some of her works, she applies the same geometric aesthetic to create abstractions of familiar images, such as the world map and sound waves. The pristine clarity of her line work reveals a steady hand and a keen eye for the power of symmetry; even a single, bold line across a rib cage accentuates the beauty and stability of the body.

zigzag line tattoo on arm

world map, line art tattoo by Malvina Maria Wisniewska

geometric shapes on arms

netted geometry, tattoo

impossible shape, geometry tattoo

thick black line across ribs, tattoo

3d triangle tattoo on chest

simple lined triangle tattoo

Images © Malvina Maria Wisniewska

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