Playfully Complex Narratives in Collages by Sombra

Sombra, Victor Ruano - paper collage 31, flower face
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Sombra (aka, Victor Ruano) is a freelance multi-disciplinarian artist working in collage, graphic design, filmmaking, and more. As a self-proclaimed “visual storyteller,” he is devoted to developing personal narratives in his art, as seen in his colorful and experimental collages. Modern and vintage imagery combine to tell complicated stories of humanity, such as swamp monsters masquerading as desirable lovers, and flowers that burst out of bodies next to symbols of sexuality and war. Visit Sombra’s online portfolio to learn more about his diverse work.

Sombra, Victor Ruano - Woman in Black, paper collage 40 Sombra, Victor Ruano - paper collage 8, flower legs Sombra, Victor Ruano - The Same Story, paper collage 38
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Sombra, Victor Ruano - paper collage 29, boy's face Sombra, Victor Ruano - paper collage 37, boy and bull Sombra, Victor Ruano - paper collage 28, fish monster Sombra, Victor Ruano - La Pesca, paper collage 39
Images © Sombra (Victor Ruano)

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