Animals Body Art Surreal Tattoo

Shape-Shifting Blackwork Tattoos by Matteo Nangeroni

surreal double portrait on back arm by matteo nangeroni

Matteo Nangeroni combines portraiture with a surreal compositional elements to produce tattoos that are simultaneously elegant and strange. The blackwork body art—with influences of cubism, comics, and geometry—features shape-shifting, two-faced characters and creatures that raise more questions than they answer. As two seemingly disparate parts connect to each other, we’re left wondering what their relation is and how exactly do they intersect.

portrait with ferris wheel on head by matteo nangeroni

portrait of a woman with tear on cheek by matteo nangeroni

double portrait on arm by matteo nangeroni

head with landscape scene in it by matteo nangeroni

hand acting as tail of whale on an arm by matteo nangeroni

portrait of woman in the tale of a whale on forearm by matteo nangeroni

spaceship inside of whale abducting a cow on arm by matteo nangeroni

Images © Matteo Nangeroni