Foret’s Whip-Shaded Birds and Foliage Tattoos

gradient pink to blue leaf tattoo on back

Foret, 27 years old, embarked on an incremental learning journey towards becoming a pro tattooer in 2018 while pursuing her visual design studies at Sahmyook University in Seoul. In contrast to other tattoo artists in Korea, her parents have always encouraged her to seek this line of work.

Foret’s potential clients are curious about the aftereffects of getting micro tattoos, specifically whether they will fade or blur. She reveals healed tattoo photos from her portfolio so each individual can look through them and make informed decisions. With the guiding principle “Your happiness is my happiness,” Foret strives to create and sustain a healthy environment for all customers who seek her assistance. The calming attributes of the natural world are consistently favored and evidenced by Foret’s illustrative dedication to mammals and plants.

Foret aims to travel more, having done guest spots in Singapore and Japan. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, although refraining from it during winter. She is an avid viewer of human psychology-related videos as well.

blue flower tattoo on arm, with white highlights
green leaves, tattooed on arm
blue olives tattoo
black and grey rose tattoos on arm
bird tattoo with the word live on arm
wild plant tattoo in blue tone
flying bird tattoo
black and grey tulip tattoo on arm
Photos © Foret