Art Glass Illusion Sculpture

It is Fragile!

Most of us have seen conventional glass art, and clearly Robert Mikelsen has taken a different direction with how to use this medium. His work is delicate and intricate. P.S. Take a look at the vase within post. Do you see the optical illusion?

Art Glass Installations Sculpture

Glass Organisms

Mika Aoki’s glass sculptures are fluid and organic looking. Her car installation with art pieces coming off the roof and inside the vehicle is absolutely stunning!

Design Glass Product Design

A Transparent Mask

Designer Fabio Novembre has envisioned a beautiful glass vase in brown and blue, which is inspired by Venetian carnival masks.

3D Glass Portraits Sculpture

Glass Portraits

“Nature of the Beast” is glass sculpture series by NFN Kaylan. Each portrait is hand-drawn by the artist and then laser engraved into more than 20 panes. This art technique is very similar to Xia Xiao Wan‘s 3D paintings. See also: “The Perception of Space.”

3D Art Glass Painting

The Perception of Space

Artist Yosman Botero paints on glass sheets to create a three-dimensional effect for his artwork. See also: “3D Glass Paintings” and “Capturing a Comet and Tornado in Time.”

Art Glass

Shattered Glass Paintings

Artist Zane Lewis uses materials such as  oil, acrylic, and glass on panel. His work looks almost like a shattered piece of glass has stopped in mid-air. “What is most intriguing about these mirrored ‘Shatter Paintings,‘ though, is that they simultaneously engender fragility and danger. These themes reflect a familiar concept of preciousness and dangerousness […]

Architecture Art Color Glass Sculpture

Beautiful Plexiglass House

“Kolonihavehus” is a colorful outdoor sculpture by Tom Fruin.