Lech Deregowski

Technical Advisor

Lech is a Chicago area local, a man of many talents who has been playing on computers since he can remember. He began working as a part-time projectionist — building, running, watching movies, and writing things in the comforts of a projection booth, this, when remembering his laptop. Currently he is freelancing and working on personal projects

He's broadened his wide arrange of studies from art to computer science, always learning new computer languages (i.e. in hope to learn it all until he dies, maybe, as a result of exceeding his limits of fascination). Lech is constantly doing all-nighters by pulling together random lines of code and graphics for a number of projects. And somehow he still manages to find the time to contribute feedback and fixes to some open source projects — if not, he may be invading your online multi-player games in a vain attempt at cranking out a high score.

Although fully involved in digital mediums, he finds enough time to write while drinking copious amounts of coffee into the odd hours of the morning.