Cutouts Music Stop Motion Video

Clap to the Music (A Stop-Motion Vid)

kitachi video, stop-motion, by Kijek/Adamski

Directors Kijek/Adamski used 2000 PVC silhouette cutouts to make this incredibly creative music video. Applying the stop-motion technique, the filmmakers had a painstaking task of aligning all shapes, which you can see in the making-of at the bottom of post. This project serves to promote Japanese musician Shugo Tokumaru’s new song titled, “Katachi” (meaning shape).

Direction, Concept, and Animation: Kijek/Adamski
Production: Katarzyna Rup (Ab Film Production)
Cast Agent: Artur Cetnarowski
Gaffer: Heliograf, Blitz
Studio Set: PlumArt Marcin “Sliwa” Sliwinski, Arek Szot, Joanna Kijek
PVC Cutting: Dawid Krzyżanowski/ My-Art

Shugo Tokumaru "Katachi"

Top: The official video. Below: The Making of “Katachi.”

Photos © Kijek/Adamski

Via Vimeo