Love Is Making Its Way Back Home (Stop-Motion)

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Production studio Prominent Figures used over 12,000 pieces of paper to animate Josh Ritter’s music video, “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home.” It was filmed frame-by-frame the old school way. “We had to determine ahead of time which images to cut as positives or negatives, how to anchor the cutouts to the paper frame that surrounds it so the pieces wouldn’t fall out, as well as a host of other problems. It was definitely the most labor intensive video we’ve been a part of,” [1] states Sam Cohen, concept designer.

Full Credits:
Director: Erez Horovitz
Concept: Sam Cohen and Erez Horovitz
Illustrator: Sarah Graves
Text Illustrator: Savannah Wolf
Lead Production: Marlie Pesek and Eric Giordano
Photo Editor: Felipe Sanchez
Technical Director: Ali Mohammed
Grip: James Wells

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Production Assistants: Paige Ellis, Jacqueline Geisheimer, Angelina Zhou, Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson, Jovin Cronin, Faizan Ahmed, and Ricardo Gonzalez
Produced at Danger!Awesome
Filmed at Industry Lab
Rigging: High Output

Video: "Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” (3) Video: "Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” (2) Video: "Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” (1)
1. hireFrank. "Josh Ritter’s 'Love Is Making Its Way Back Home.'” February 21st, 2012.

Film stills and photos © Prominent Figures

 Link via Vimeo

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February 24, 2012 Animation Cutouts Paper Art Video