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Color and Emotion: Interview with Tattooist Santa Perpetua

Brighton-based artist Santa Perpetua combines a lifetime using a variety of different artistic medium with an abstract, emotional approach to tattooing. The result is tattoos that combine the fluid vitality of nature with the technique of a traditional painter. She brings the same intuitive approach to all aspects of her practice, choosing to work out […]

An Interview with Raya Souza, a Rising Star on the PT Tattoo Scene

With so many big names coming to tattoo conventions, it is also enjoyable meeting promising artists who are in their developing years and super excited about life and work. Raya Souza, a Lisbon-based artist that has loads of energy, positive energy—and it shines through her colorful artwork and personality. She is openly gay, married to […]

Abstract Tattoos by Szymon Gdowicz are Homage to the Paintbrush

Working under the moniker Pain Ting, Szymon Gdowicz brings a painterly touch to his tattoos. The colorful works of body art feature bold pigment that mimics the carefree fluidity of watercolor, with giant brushstrokes and drips across skin. They are punctuated by finer details that look like markers rather than the etching of a needle. […]

Energetic Ink Drawings as Tattoos by Felipe Rodrigues

Combining vibrant bursts of color with energetic lines, tattoo artist Felipe Rodrigues captures the carefree fluidity of a pen-and-ink sketch. The Brazil-based creative is inspired by quotes and music, often pairing the two on his popular Instagram. As a result, his subjects and themes are diverse, from animals and nature to religion and death. No […]